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Our Constitution to you

Our Constitution to you

Our Constitution to you

  1. Three things you can expect are professionalism, access, and results. You will never wait on hold when you call; you have direct access to your lawyer at all times.
  2. You have a say. Choose your mode of communication. Whether it be by telephone, email, text, know that constant communication is key. You will never be in the dark and wonder what’s happening with your case. 
  3. My vision is to be there at each step of the legal process of your case and help you navigate towards the desired AND best result. Those may not always be the same thing, but know that you will never be promised or given false hope. We believe in giving a complete explanation of the process and consequences of what you are facing and what the outcome will be. By doing so, you will have the knowledge to make an informed decision that best suits you.
  4. My hunger for exemplary results and the satisfaction of my cleints it top priority. I will work diligently to design a strategic and creative plane contoured to your case and needs. Not all cases are fact similar so while your friends lawyer may have been great for him or her, they may not be a right fit for you. 
  5. Here at Ayandeh Law I care deeply about what happens to YOU. I will always speak the truth without holding back and get you the best outcome for your case. 



Our Constitution to you

Our Constitution to you

What is your expectation?

I will align your expectation to what goals are available given your set of facts and circumstances. I practice in three areas of law and after a FREE consultation you will see the difference between me and other attorneys. My goal is to help you see why I am the best attorney to achieve the desired outcome for your case. 

Traffic Tickets, Personal Injury, Criminal charges- I am the car accident lawyer, injury lawyer, AND criminal defense lawyer, for YOU!

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Choose Lilas

Our Constitution to you

Choose Lilas

I began my career as a State Prosecutor. My experience as a former prosecutor forms my legal vision. My practice is based on client referrals. After graduating from Nova Southeastern University my first job at the Broward County State Attorney’s Office made me see that there is another side to a story, and that side needs to be listened to.

I care about your story and want to help you navigate through the legal world with my knowledge, expertise, and trial experience. My clients always feel like they gained a friend, feel comfortable with me on their case, and have a sense of relief knowing that I am on their side.  

Let me work for you. Google does not give you all the answers when it comes to the law. Choose to make the wise decision of having a lawyer; specifically educated and trained in their trade to do what they went to school for. I guarantee my hard work and dedication to see you through the legal process. You will be glad you chose Lilas. 

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Whether you have a civil litigation, criminal, personal injury case or are looking for a car accident lawyer you have come to the right place. I also handle all traffic tickets in Fort Lauderdale, traffic tickets in Miami and traffic tickets in West Palm Beach.


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